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This book, 'Being a Senior Citizen', offers guidelines to help these individuals adapt to what is happening in their lives; even when their experiences aren't what they expected or would have liked them to be. When senior citizens enter this stage in life there are so many questions: Where is the money? Where do I live? How is my health?

Being a senior citizen isn't just about retiring and traveling, and it isn't just about the changes-good and bad-to which older people have to adapt. Being a senior citizen means being an elder, a responsible person in our society. The book explores and clarifies, in an easy to read manner, nearly 60 serious subjects about and for senior citizens; and the effort is made to include solutions and answers in each subject addressed.

Table of Contents

Gayle Moore - Retired Communications Director for the Idaho Education Association: With a light touch and nary a lecture, Pat Kennedy anticipates and answers your questions about being a senior citizen. You will want to share this book with your friends.

Jason Miller - Publisher of the Concrete Herald: His tongue pressed firmly in cheek, Patrick Kennedy writes with firsthand knowledge about the ups and downs of growing old in this world.

Allison St. Claire - Editor for the Senior Wire News Service: Here's the owner's manual to help you assemble the nuts and bolts of getting older into a meaningful, productive, enjoyable life as a senior in today's world. Read and reap!

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